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Cudra Emerging!

Cudra Clover


Cudra Clover is a silk painter, multimedia, and installation artist. She studied at Columbia College in Chicago and now lives in Hawaii and creates in her jungle studio on Maui. Her art is in the permanent collection of the Hawaii State Museum of Art and can be seen in various other public spaces. She has exhibited in Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, New York City, Black Rock City, Japan, China, Maui, Oahu, and the Big Island of Hawaii. 




Recent Exhibition

MOAH , Lancaster CA June 5- Sept 5 2021

Hysteria, a solo exhibition exploring the work of contemporary artist Cudra Clover.current collection is a meditation on living things, both real and imagined.

Elements of Cudra’s silk paintings are incorporated into the exhibit in the main gallery located on the first floor. On the museum's second floor you will find The Hysteria Room installation in the Ralph and Virginia Bozigian

Family Gallery and the Hysterical Women installation in the South Gallery. Clover's installations use video and projection mapping, completely altering the space, creating a sensory experience for visitors. Clover's frequent use of red in her work is symbolic and a reminder of the complexity of the female anatomy's changing cycles linked to feminine



My current collection is a meditation on living things, both real and imagined.

-Cudra Clover

Silk Paintings



Schaefer International Gallery,
Maui Arts and cultural center

In my silk painting, I endeavor to create new worlds on a microcosmic level. I explore pandemics, viruses, bacteria, water, plant life, animals cells, etc. These pieces are petri dishes imagined with the intention of healing our planet’s imbalances. I spend time with a camera, a microscope, projectors, biologists and pour over thousands of technical science photos. I seek to draw attention to the urgent need to respect and protect nature.

My biomorphic abstract collection is done completely on silk. I use various techniques: Japanese rozome, elements of batik, French Serti, and painterly styles incorporating dyes, resist, gutta, enzymes, acrylics, and other experimental mediums.

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Contact Me / TEL: 808-280-7336

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